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May 19, 1994

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would not hesitate to recommend Susan Guda and her child care Wonder Years Nursery and Early Learning Center, for the care of your children.

Susan has cared for both of my children since they were three months old.  My daughter Caitlin, is now 3 and adores Susan.  My son, Corey is now 16 months old, and is a happy curious toddler.

I have enjoyed working with Susan for the past three years in caring for my children, and I agree with her philosophies of child rearing, such as building children's self-esteem, and giving them responsibilities.  It is always a treat to have your child pick up their toys or put their plate on the counter when you are not expecting it!  I also enjoy hearing my daughter sing a new song that she has learned in cirlce time, or seeing my son sit down to "read" a book.

I also appreciate her openness in discussing any concerns or issues regarding the child care and the development of my children.

Two of the most important benefits I have received from Susan is consistent care for my children, and peace of mind in knowing that they are well cared for while I am at work.


Tina J. Flaherty
(children are now 23 and 21)
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November 12, 2010

My daughter, Katherine, has been in Susan’s care at Wonder Years Nursery and Early Learning Center since May 2009 and I can’t say enough great things about her and this Child Care Center.  Susan cares for Katherine as if she were her own and you can see in the way she looks at each child that she cares for each and every one of them as a mother would.  Susan has provided a safe, fun, and positive learning environment from day one and continues to surprise me with the imaginative and creative ways that she interacts with the children.  She uses mild but effective discipline and makes sure that each child understands that he or she is loved and cared for.  Katherine wakes up each morning excited to go to Wonder Years and talks non-stop about her day when we leave.  The child care is always immaculate, with plenty of toys and books for the children to play with, and the atmosphere is so homey I almost want to stay there all day, too!  When I discovered that I was going to have a second child, I was instantly comforted knowing that I would have someone to care for her and nurture her from infancy.  Now Katherine is almost three and Allison is six months old and I am still as pleased with Susan as ever.   Thank you, Susan, for everything you have done!

Kayne LeBlanc

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January 30, 2009

My son, Jackson, has been in the care of Susan Guda at Wonder Years Nursery and Early Learninng Center since November 2008.  Jackson came to Wonder Years when he was eight weeks old.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Susan and her center!  I have never worried or felt nervous about dropping him off at Wonder Years.  As a new mom, it was very important to me that I find a daycare provider that matched my expectations and parenting style.  Susan has nurtured him and cared for him in the way that I would since his first day!  He has learned so much and I can see marked progress in his development.  She has lots of age-appropriate toys for the kids to play with.  Each child gets lots of personal attention as well as group interaction.  I couldn't ask for anything better!

Susan' patience and kindness make her an excellent caretaker and I would recommend her to anyone seeking childcare.


Jessica Parker
Received February 9, 2009 via e-mail

Dear Susan,

I AM SO PLEASED with the wonderful environment at Wonder Years!  Thanks, so much, Susan, for making Malik feel so comfortable and happy.  I think that he wakes in the morning happy just to go see you!  What I appreciate about Wonder Years includes:

  • the small group size, which allows you to focus your energies on them,
  • the learning and mentally stimulating environment, with lots of books and colors,
  • the playground, and your commitment to get the kids out there at every opportunity,
  • your approach to good nutrition and a balanced diet,
  • your friendly open and inviting attitude
  • your commitment to outstanding childcare.

Thank you, so much, for all you do!  I could not see taking him to another daycare.

All the best!

Contact:  Susan Guda        WonderYearsNELC@gmail.com